About DX


Design Exchange is Canada’s only museum dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence and preservation of design heritage. At the crossroads of multiple disciplines from furniture design and architecture to graphic design and fashion, DX exhibitions, talks and educational programming reflect contemporary culture. Located in downtown Toronto, in the historic Toronto Stock Exchange building, DX annually attracts thousands of visitors of all ages. 

Design touches each and every one of us on a daily basis. It is as much about addressing and bettering basic human needs such as post-disaster housing and caring for an aging population, as it is about luxury goods and novel experiences. Good design defines our individual experiences and impacts how we build healthy, sustainable communities, cities and countries. It is the micro andthe macro of our everyday existence. By offering unique and accessible experiences, DX educates and shares design stories to highlight the importance and relevance of design. 

Design Exchange is a not-for-profit registered charity.

As of March, 2012 Design Exchange has taken a revitalized strategic direction and refined mandate – to promote the relevancy and experience of design to as large a number of people as possible, DX will now be exclusively a Design Museum. Covering off the various design disciplines including fashion, architecture, interior and industrial design, digital design and more, exhibitions and programming will explore designers, products, projects or themes that have broad public appeal and reflect popular contemporary culture. President Shauna Levy leads this new direction offering renowned traveling exhibits from prestigious cultural institutions across the globe, a new city-wide cultural component, a greater focus on educational experiences for the public, including youth and adults, and a rollout of programming that will extend across the country.