Our Mastercraft series offers a variety of workshops and courses with experts from all disciplines to show you the fundamentals of design.

From jewellery-making, fabric-dying, lingerie-sewing, wood-bending, and circuit-creating, these workshops are for participants of all backgrounds and skill levels looking to get hands-on experience from Toronto's best design do-ers and makers.

For questions, contact our education team:
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Fall 2017 Mastercraft Workshops

OCT 22


Designing with Graffiti
Led by: Pulp and Evergreen Artists

Revive, repurpose, and reclaim your old clothing in this workshop where you’ll learn how to use graffiti to give your items new life!

Please be sure to bring in your own bag, shoes, or a tired-looking old shirt to get graffiti-ed! All other materials will be provided.

General Registration: $30+HST
Member Registration: $20+HST

OCT 19


Creating Trends: Designing the Mood Board
Led by: Ryan Myers and Joe Pfeifer of JanSport

Mix and mingle with JanSport designers in this fun and informative workshop on harnessing inspiration and creativity through the fabrication of mood-boards.

Your creativity will be enabled through the use of real life applications, with JanSport designers walking you through the process they use to create prints & colour combinations on their favourite products.

All materials are provided.

General Registration: $30+HST
Member Registration: $20+HST

OCT 25

Fabric Marbling
Led by: Sabine Pare

In this workshop you will learn the ancient aqueous surface design technique of fabric marbling. With a focus on western-style marbling, students will gain the

technical understanding needed to make beautiful one-of-a-kind textiles. This workshop is an introduction to the technique and will present the opportunity to try out traditional patterns and also explore new ones.

All materials will be provided.

General Registration: $30+HST
Member Registration: $20+HST

NOV 16

Ever-Evolving T's: Screenprinting with Thermochromic Dyes
Led by: Lisa Carrie Goldberg of Action Potential Lab

Thermochromic dyes change from colourful to colourless at different temperatures, making them the perfect material for screen printing a T-shirt. In this two hour workshop, we will be creating totally unique T’s using screen printing techniques and images inspired by classical anatomy textbooks. You’re sure to leave with a personalized, one-of-a-kind garment!

All materials provided.

General Registration: $30+HST
Member Registration: $20+HST

NOV 22

Upgrade You
Led By: Peggy Sue of the Peggy Sue Collection

Learn how to keep your clothes out of landfills by learning some design changing & saving techniques! See beyond outdated styles and damage with the help of the instructor to bring new life into old pieces. In this workshop you will take well loved items and mend, meld, and make a whole new wearable item for their wardrobe.

Please bring in 3-4 well-loved garments to be transformed, all other materials will be provided. Basic sewing experience is required.

General Registration: $30+HST
Member Registration: $20+HST


Sustainable Design: Make Your Own Shirt
Led By: Peggy Sue of the Peggy Sue Collection

Create and take home a beautiful, quality wardrobe staple made from cotton chambray fabric woven with Colour-grown Organic Cotton Heritage Fiber. This workshop focuses on what the basic foundation pieces of a wardrobe are and how to build a collection of clothing in a sustainable way. Garment care, mending  and “pain points” will be addressed leaving you with not only a new cherished garment (which retails for $195) but a wealth of knowledge regarding garment sustainability.

All materials will be provided. Basic sewing experience required.

General Registration: $30+HST
Member Registration: $20+HST


PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art & Design is a Toronto not-for-profit corporation. We are devoted to the integration of design, architecture, environmental awareness, and social activity to enhance communities around the city. 

Yonge Street Mission- Evergreen (YSM): From its humble beginnings in 1896, YSM has faithfully served the people of Toronto with compassion and dignity, helping those in need to turn their lives around. We’ve grown with our city, and adapted to its changing needs. 

Sabine Spare is a Toronto-based designer, maker and materials enthusiast. Compelled to push boundaries, Spare's practices of making, exploring, researching, collaborating, and dreaming always circle back to the textile. Above all else she believes in inadvertent sustainability through innovation.                 

Lisa Carrie Goldberg is the founder and Director of Action Potential Lab. She designed the lab as a community space for the merging of material matter found in both science and art, as a way to enhance Toronto’s creative potential.

Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks is the Founder and Creative Director of the Peggy Sue Collection. After graduating from Rhode Island School for Design, Peggy Sue worked in New York City's fashion industry. In 2015 Peggy Sue launched the Peggy Sue Collection, a fashion house dedicated to combining ethics with elegance. Her field-to-fashion looks are classic, luxurious and socially and environmentally sustainable.

JanSport, our generous Mastercraft Series presenting sponsor is the Original Outdoor Gear Brand that embodies a culture of fun and discovery. JanSport equips people globally with quality, enduring and reliable products that enable the freedom to experience life's adventures. 


If you have any questions please contact our education team at
education [at] dx.org or 416.216.2111.


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