Drop in to DX for fun-filled days of FREE hands-on activities with inspiring lessons and DIY workshops led by creative and qualified DX Instructors.

Perfect for imaginative, curious and creative kids, all materials will be provided - markers, pipe cleaners, glitter, glue - even an app or two.

No previous design experience is required.

For questions, contact our education team:
education [at] dx.org    |    416.216.2111

Kids' Days are free to attend and are located at DX (234 Bay St.) unless otherwise noted.

Ages 7-13

1 PM - 4 PM


Upcoming Kids' Days

OCT 29

Scream-printing Totes and Monster Masks

Drop in for an afternoon of hoots and howls as we celebrate all things spooky and fun during our Monster Mash Kids Day with guest artist Paddy Leung and the mad science of Lisa Carrie-Goldberg’s Action Potential Lab!  Silkscreen ghoulish, glow-in-the-dark designs on tote bags and tinker with LEDs to create a wearable that’s sure to make your costume the highlight of the night!

On this special, spooky afternoon kids will also get to sip on some potions before heading home with a treat bag!

Learn more about special guest Instructors Paddy Leung and Action Potential Lab below!

NOV 26

Designing Stories and Songs

Join musical guest- artist Rehaset and our DX instructors during this fun-filled afternoon where we will explore storytelling and songwriting through hands- on design projects and play.

Learn more about special guest instructor Rehaset below!

DEC 28

Gingerbread Structure & Architecture

This fun-filled, festive afternoon will have creative kids diving into design basics with a FREE action-packed afternoon where we'll explore the gingerbread architecture movement by making our own gingerbread structure in a festive and inclusive atmosphere!

Meet the DXKids Days Special Guests

Lisa Carrie Goldberg & Action Potential Lab

Lisa Carrie Goldberg is the founder and Lab Director of Action Potential Lab. She designed the lab as a community space for the merging of material matter found in both science and art, as a way to enhance Toronto’s creative potential.

Lisa is bringing Action Potential Lab’s mad science to DX on Sunday, October 29 during DXKids Day Scream-printing Totes and Monster Masks

Paddy Leung

Paddy Leung is a fairy of all traits that can magically make your dreams come true. Using paper, glitter, streamers, and dreams, she has been known to make beautiful, handmade, sculptural decorations of oversized donuts, clouds, flowers and so much more!

Paddy is bringing her whimsical ways to DX on Sunday, October 29 during DXKids Day Scream-printing Totes and Monster Masks


Rehaset is a Saudi-born, Ethiopian independent musical artist, working primarily as a composer and singer. Her mission: ‘Bridging the Gap between Afrikans and the World!’. She is fascinated with the art of storytelling, has self-produced three EPs, and her latest journey involves developing her first Ethiopian Musical. She frequently facilitates workshops in singing, song creation, and soundscape with youth and emerging artists.

Rehaset is bringing her song-writing skills to DX on Sunday November 26 during DXKids Day Designing Stories and Songs


DX P.A. Day Camp Programs are full day sessions in which budding designers create projects based on the day's theme.

All themes are studio based and explore various design fields from graphic to architecture to industrial and mixed media. Each session is lead by our team of experienced educators from the design and creative field.

No previous design experience is required.

The end of each session will include a 30 minute showcase from 3:30pm-4pm in which family and friends are invited to check out what budding designers have worked on during the day.

For questions, contact our education team:
education [at] dx.org    |    416.216.2111

PA Days based on the Public school and most Catholic school calendars.

Program Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Complimentary before care is available starting at 8:30am.
Aftercare is available for $10 from 4:15pm-5:30pm

General $55  |  Member $49.50 (taxes included)
Ages 7-13


Upcoming 2017/2018 P.A. Days

NOV. 17
Time-Travel Design

Skill Level: Beginner-Novice

Young designers dive into a world where the future meets the past in this
alternate-reality design session, inspired by the romance of the steam punk
movement. Imaging a world where advanced technology is powered by steam, designers will design accessories and fashions to equip them on their own fantasy adventure

Projects include: Gadget props, textile and accessory design
General Registration l Member Registration

DEC. 1
Frosty Designs
Skill Level: Beginner-Novice

As the weather turns chilly, it means the winter break is right around the corner!
Get into the spirit through hands on projects inspired by the winter months!

Projects include: Shadow boxes, polymer clay pendants, wet felting textiles
General Registration l Member Registration

JAN. 19
Life in Miniature

Skill Level: Beginner-Novice

Young designers explore the world of industrial design basics through the world of miniatures. Through the design process they will create models of all the necessary household objects from furniture, lighting and accessories, perfect for mini-life!

Projects Include: mini mixed media models, accessories
General Registration l Member Registration

FEB. 16
Revamp + Revive

Skill Level: Beginner-Novice

What’s old is new again! Young designers will explore up-cycling and sustainability in design. From trash to toys to re-purposing an old t-shirt, they’ll have the chance to breathe new life to some old thrift store finds.

Projects Include: re-purposed toy design, t-shirt design
General Registration l Member Registration

Natural Bliss
Skill Level: Beginner-Novice

Young designers harness the elements of nature and explore natural resources
within design. These budding designers will learn to utilize the most out of their materials; from designing magical habitats to silk-screening with food and creating dyes from their scraps!

Projects Include: Habitat design, printmaking + natural dyes
General Registration l Member Registration

If you have any questions please contact our education team at
education [at] dx.org or 416.216.2111.


Past P.A. Days


Design by Nature (Architecture/Interior)

Young designers will harness the elements of nature in a series of hands on mixed media projects. They will dive into the world of animal and plant life habitats and construct their own dwelling inspired by materials found in nature, along with small projects using sunlight as a the main tool.

Projects: Animal habitats, sun exposed prints + stained glass inspired designs


Creature Comforts

Creating their own creatures from stitching to stuffing is just the beginning for these toy designers! Campers will also build their new creations their own environment,  and design their packaging.

Projects: Stuffed creature, package design


Setting the Stage (Theatre Design)

Everything from sets, props and costumes, young designer explored what it takes to create the visual design and identity for a performance. Through hands on mixed media, campers built their own set models and puppets for their own fictional performance.

Projects: maquettes, puppets



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