Tapas: Spanish design for food



TAPAS: Spanish Design For Food, curated by Juli Capella and organized by AC/E Acción Cultural Española, explores the fusion of design and gastronomy in Spain. Presenting a rich selection of Spanish product designs dedicated to the world of food, this exhibition highlights more than 150 accessories, utensils and furnishings that show off Spain’s cross-pollination of design, creativity and gastronomy values.
This summer, experience how food and design are interrelated with a rich overview of Spain’s innovative design solutions and contributions to the world of food – currently and historically – through product, art, photography and video. Divided into The Kitchen, The Table, and The Menu, TAPAS: Spanish Design For Food offers visitors a chance to discover traditional objects and their contemporary reinterpretations by such top-notch designers as Patricia Urquiola, Hector Sérrano and Estudio Mariscal.

From its raw materials and preparation techniques to its theoretical aspects and inspired designs, this country’s gastronomic culture crosses boundaries that unquestionably constitute a hugely valuable heritage. 

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jUNE 13 – JULY 1



See inspiring and creative designs by the winners of the 19th Annual Sears DX Canadian High School Design Competition. Established by design professor Brian Burns of Carleton University, this competition promotes the study and awareness of design disciplines in secondary schools across Canada. 

The competition invited all high school students studying in Canada to submit their work and awards the best submissions at junior and senior levels in Architecture, Costume Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Industrial Design.

This competition is made possible by the generous support of Sears Canada.