John Akomfrah - Nuit Blanche

  October 1  |  5:30 PM - Sunrise
  DX: 234 Bay St.

Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s free, annual, all-night-long, city-wide celebration of contemporary art returns on October 1.

This year, DX is excited to host two all-new installations and a special artist talk.


The night kicks off with a talk from award-winning artist John Akomfrah followed by a special screening of his film, Vertigo Sea on our historic Trading Floor. On our Exhibition Hall, explore the art of transformation in The Body Behind the Body from acclaimed photographer and visual artist, Angelo Musco.

Vertigo Sea premiered at the 2015 Venice Biennale and was one of the most talked-about works. The immersive three-screen film is a sublime, poetic and haunting meditation on man's relationship with the sea and offers an exploration of its role in the history of slavery, migration and conflict.

Shot on the Isle of Skye, Faroe Islands, and Norway, and drawn from the BBC's archive, the film juxtaposes the unparalleled splendor of aquatic nature in its fullest glory with the greed and cruelty of the whaling industry, and shots of African migrants crossing the ocean in a journey fraught with danger in hopes of a better life. The film delivers a timely and potent reminder of the current issues around global migration, the refugee crisis and slavery, alongside ecological concerns.

Prompting a reshuffling of times and places, Vertigo Sea draws upon two remarkable books: Herman Melville's Moby-Dick (1851) and Heathcote Williams's epic poem Whale Nation (1988), charting the history, intelligence and majesty of the largest mammal on earth. Its audiovisual narrative unfolds to reveal a dizzying intersection of history, philosophy and fiction. The piece proposes a cinema of relationality and resists providing a simple message or a moral or partisan interpretation.

John Akomfrah

As an artist, writer, film director and founding member of the influential Black Audio Film Collective, John Akomfrah's works are characterized by their investigations into memory, post-colonialism and temporality and often explore the experience of the African diaspora in Europe and the U.S. His films and video installations have won several international prizes and have been shown at Cannes, Toronto and Sundance film festivals as well as Documenta 11, Liverpool Biennial, Venice Biennale, Tate Britain and MoMA New York.

The Body Behind the Body: This site-specific audiovisual installation follows the narration of Angelo's works showcasing large-scale human mosaics and the emotional connection between physical bodies and the natural elements they represent. The immersive installation will place the audience at the centre to engage and be transformed by the aggregative power of millions of bodies, while offering a dual experience of the smallness of their individuality and the great spiritual potential of all humankind.

Angelo Musco

Angelo Musco received his BA from the Art Academy in Naples, Italy. Since 1997, he has focused on performance art, photography and video. His photographic installation, Hadal, was shown at the Venice Biennale in 2009. The luxury brand Fendi commissioned him to create an iconic Fendi Baguette. His work has been shown all over the world, including the National Gallery of Umbria, Maison Particuliere, The Museum of Non-Conformist Art, and QUT Art Museum. In 2002, he was awarded the IDAA, International Digital Art Award in Australia.



DX + Arc'teryx Design Night

  October 5  |  5 - 8PM
  Arc'teryx: 339 Queen St. W.

We’re teaming up with Arc’teryx Toronto for an all-ages, drop-in design night that will get your creative juices flowing! Our team of talented Instructors will be on-hand to teach you all about working with fabrics and textiles, walking you through the basics of fabric design and printing.


Plus, Mark O’Connell (Professor of Fashion Studies at Seneca College) will be giving an educational talk on “The Future of Sustainable Fashion”.

Mark O’Connell

Mark O’Connell is a Professor of Fashion Studies at Seneca College and is concurrently pursuing a PHD in Politics and Policy. His research explores the potential for social justice reforms in transnational fashion production and supply chains from higher education and in public policy perspectives. Prior to teaching, he worked as a designer both in-house at M.A.C Cosmetics and for his own clothing line: Modular Menswear. In addition to his academic work, Mark is also an artist and writer.


Located in the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx is built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production. Our unique in-house manufacturing and design centres allow us to constantly evolve and build products the right way. Timeless quality, intuitive design and simplicity result in unrivaled performance at the point of extreme need.


The Instructors

Khadijah Salawu

Versing in words and lyrical action, Khadijah is filled with wonder and ambition to create a positive impact in her community. Currently a theatre student at the University of Toronto, she applies the art of performance to bring light to stories untold. When not reciting soliloquies, you can find her running with Run Regent every Monday in the heart of Regent Park. 


Amanda McCusker

Amanda McCusker is a multi-disciplinary designer and Maker who designs experiences through branding, marketing collateral, and digital design with a varied design background in physical and digital mediums, and more than a decade of experience in retail and service industries.

Cassandra Alves

An aspiring designer and post-graduate from Lund University and OCADU, Cassandra's interests are rooted in projects related to positive community design and development, street/community art and various sustainable-based initiatives. Cassandra is the co-founder of KARCASS - a design and creative initiative that focuses on re-purposing old and found objects into new furniture and custom design pieces.



Kids' Days

  October 1, October 30, November 27  |  1-4PM
  DX: 234 Bay St.

Drop in to DX on Sundays for fun-filled days of hands-on activities with inspiring lessons and DIY workshops led by creative and qualified DX Instructors.

Perfect for imaginative, curious and creative kids, all materials will be provided - markers, pipe cleaners, glitter, glue - even an app or two.



From: Nothing
A DX + Common Good Collaboration
Presented by Fujifilm

$25 + HST
  October 7  |  8 PM - Midnight
  DX: 234 Bay St.


For the final installment of this year’s DXSocials, we’re ending the season with a bang - a collaboration with Common Good that pushes the boundaries of contemporary art and design. Curated by Common Good co-founder, Jamie Webster – a creative director who has worked with Majid Jordan, A$AP Rocky, and Drake From: Nothing is a one-night-only celebration of emerging artists – an exhibition that goes beyond the realm of institutionalized art in a historic institution.

Presenting a new breed of artist collectives, Common Good brings its team of talented creators and a strong sense of visuals to our Exhibition Hall to create something...from nothing.
Jamie Webster, DSTRY, Kid Studio, LA TIMPA, ACC Studio, and FUTURETALK, will present a series of mixed media and digital projections sure to cause conversation.

From: Nothing is an exhibition aimed at reaching outside the realm of traditional institutionalized art to present a new breed of collective. Their lives are an expression of their art – one common worldview that serves as an all-encompassing artistic practice.

Life: As a struggle against entropy.


Common Good is a collective that merges the worlds of film, design, art and animation to create compelling narratives across a multitude of genres. Common Good develops innovative content for film, television, digital media and experiential installations. Common Good has produced shorts for MTV, and spots for brands such as Rickard’s Beer, Axe, H&M, and Adidas.


Jamie Webster is a creative with a diverse array of artistic interests. He is a director and founding partner at Common Good and creative director for Majid Jordan. Whether working in film, design or fine art, the collaborative process remains central to everything he creates. Jamie struggles to write biography statements, knowing they will ultimately sound pretentious. He also has a strong aversion to writing in the third person.


DSTRY is an assembly of like minds who share similar upbringings and outlooks while retaining their individual influences. Not limited to any medium, DSTRY represents the overall groups' story and any executions made are insights into their minds and lifestyles.


Film/Design.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lobortis elementum dolore, porta ut enim, vitae a, mattis vestibulum feugiat. Ut id, vestibulum tristique nunc, lacus duis etiam odio tellus ante nec, quis nibh porro curabitur etiam sem tristique, nulla etiam dapibus quis mauris massa. Gang.

Kid Studio is a creative studio whose work is inspired by youth and influenced by Toronto. With a focus on design, print and filmmaking, Kid Studio’s work includes the famous Fring’s restaurant, God Bless Toronto - a sound project that represents Toronto’s nocturnal, underground life, and Toronto-based clothing line, Nthng.


LA Timpa is a musician, singer-songwriter, and conceptual artist. Since the release of the Nigeria born producer’s debut EP entitled, ANIMAL, he continues to work towards inviting civilians into the world he has created. For a brief moment you could step into this world. A form of art that entwines enchanting stories, imagination, and mystery into a sound that is both singular and inclusive. 


A Creative Council; is a self-institutionalized artistic house also known as ACC. Established by creatives for creatives, ACC is a platform for expression in the fields of music, fashion, film and fine art.


Futuretalk is a fusion of art, design, technology, and architecture that immerses audiences in unique interactive sensory experiences. Through the combination of past aesthetics with present day technologies our artists, architects, and technicians augment current environments into visionary events. Futuretalk was born out of the desire to inform and produce progressive social space redesigns. The end results are tangible and visceral experiences that transcend the common understanding of space and time.






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