Save Our Souls Shelter 

  On until Jan 15

Save Our Souls proposes the re-use of a by-product of this crisis: the hundreds of thousands of life jackets discarded on the shores of Lesbos by refugees who have landed on the island.


Souras sees the life vests as building blocks, and his igloo-like structure (which employs Velcro to hold the jackets together with six structural poles) highlights how architecture can make good use of recycling and offer solutions to human rights violations, even if only in the form of shelter.


The project aims to create awareness, but also has a bigger end-goal: Souras has created larger igloos that he hops can provide comfortable temporary shelter. He recently told Azure magazine that he also hopes his project will inspire Yamaha, the makers of the jacket, to get more involved in this solution.




DX Community:
City of Experiences

  On until Feb 22

As we move through the 21st century, the experience of life in the contemporary city has surpassed classic urban development models. We are living in the 50/50 (some might say 80/20), a fluid presence between the virtual and physical worlds. One of the major issues we face is how to adapt and interpret ideologies, structures, and systems in this new way of living, to modify the definition of cities to encompass the experiences of the invisible cities that extend beyond physical infrastructure. As the digital landscape evolves, humans have more opportunities to intersect with physical and digital realms as they navigate the city and its experiences, creating a series of micro-interactions that occur across and throughout urban spaces.

Imagine a city without buildings—a city designed around experiences.

The underlying goal for the City of Experiences project is to continue questioning how cities are constructed and who they are constructed for. The popular discussion around the smart city and tech-utopias is not new, although maybe the technology used to drive them is. What is needed now, is to stop waiting for the acceleration of technology to determine how we will live. Instead, we should be active in creating the necessary platforms for society to imagine what experiences they want in their lives, and how these experiences can drive new methods for design. The City of Experiences is a project that through different experiments and engagements will continue to explore this hypothesis.


This exhibition showcases work by students and faculty from the School of Design at George Brown College. Through a series of workshops and experiments, they have reframed how cities are designed.



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