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Design Exchange is a cultural institution that champions creative thinking, inspires problem solving, and celebrates innovative talent in Canada and around the world.


Established in 1994, Design Exchange serves as Canada’s design hub, by being a crossroads for multiple disciplines that demonstrate the power of design, innovation, and technology to change the world for the better for everyone, through the delivery of a range of engaging and enriching public programs and exhibitions.

Design Exchange provides access to hands-on, design-based learning for Ontario’s youth and general populations with the goal of inspiring the next generation of creative problem solvers and engaging the general public in the value and potential of design solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

In 2017, Design Exchange produced its most ambitious project to date: EDIT: Expo of Design, Innovation, and Technology. In partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) this 10-day expo of installations, workshops, and hands-on experiences promoted and celebrated world-transforming design. 35,000 visitors engaged with ideas and designs that can feed the planet sustainably, increase access to education and deliver innovative healthcare solutions to remote communities. This multi-tiered experience provoked thought and conversation which showed visitors how design thinking can help achieve the sustainable development goals.

Design Exchange is a not-for-profit registered charity the relies on generous donations to develop experiences and initiatives that create meaningful impact informed by a global outlook.


Charitable Registration No. 119236214RR0001


Design Exchange's annual audited financial statements and a copy of the museum's by-laws are available upon request. Please contact Lorraine Baudisch, lorraine [at] dx.org

DX Headquarters is
located at 234 Bay Street, Toronto

Please note DX will be closed on Sept 2  
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