Our Mastercraft series offers a variety of workshops and courses with experts from all disciplines to show you the fundamentals of design.

From jewellery-making, fabric-dying, lingerie-sewing, wood-bending, and circuit-creating, these workshops are for participants of all backgrounds and skill levels looking to get hands-on experience from Toronto's best design do-ers and makers.

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2019 Mastercraft Workshops




City of Experiences 

As the digital landscape evolves, humans have more fluid opportunities to intersect with physical and digital realms as they navigate the city and its experiences, creating a series of micro-interactions that occur across and throughout urban spaces. If we modify the definition of cities to encompass the experiences of the invisible cities that extend beyond physical infrastructure, the city can become a space of greater potential to support and facilitate new people-to-people and people-to-object interactions. Encouraging this new way of approaching interaction, policy and city building have the potential to develop more adaptive service delivery and relationships within the city in the future.

In this workshop, you will explore and experiment with the proposal of city building through experience design, imagining the experiences of the city first and then building the physical and digital city up from those experiences. Taking an interactive approach, you will participate in a collaborative timelining exercise, exploring how emotions and desires, and then products and services, have influenced the development of the city. The process of overlaying experiential emotions and feelings with products, systems, and services brings into focus the relationships—both new and known—through the specific lens of city building, allowing us to speculate in new futures and alternate storylines of the past.






Innovate Through Design Thinking 

Creativity, invention, and innovation are terms that are constantly confused in project development. How do we integrate our teams to bind together both proactive models and creative processes that lead to the successful development of projects?

In this Mastercraft workshop, designers Luis Angarita and Juan Camacho — innovators at CD&I Associates for over 23 years — will share success stories related to their business methodology surrounding the implementation of innovative projects and how teams can adopt these skills any organization. Participants are invited to understand the concept of innovation, the different types of values and principles related to the term, and begin to evaluate and implement innovation in an organization or project effectively.

The first hour will be devoted to theory, with reference to specific cases and examples, to explain the fundamental concepts of developing an innovation project. The designers will cover terminologies, as well as the types and evaluation criteria that exist in developing a project.

The second hour will be devoted to utilizing CD&I Associates' innovation formula and applying this to one of the seventeen global challenges proposed by the UNDP, as part of CD&I’s current installation, We Think 2019. The Mastercraft workshop will conclude with participants presenting and discussing their proposed innovation solutions, as a team, to solve one of the seventeen global challenges.





Designing Your Life for Optimal Flow 

Are you fully present? In a world of constant distractions, how do you achieve a state of flow? Join designers Hima Batavia and Negin Sairafi, co-founders of Reset – and part of the creative team behind 2017's Toronto for Everyone – and explore the conditions required for individual and collective flow, explore design case studies where the flow has been successful, and collaborate with participants to experiment and apply learnings to design an optimal week of flow.





DIY Colour Changing Screen Printing

Action Potential Lab is returning to Design Exchange with their new and improved colour-changing Screen Printing workshop! Combining science and art, learn about the scientific reaction that the screen printing ink undergoes. Using thermochromic dyes, this heat-sensitive ink changes your colours at different temperatures. Through the duration of a 2-hour workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the effects of colour mixing, master screen printing techniques and design t-shirts inspired by plant biology organelles in science!




Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School: Introduction to Beading with Sage Petahtegoose

Learn the art of beading with Anishinaabekwe artist and Storyboot School instructor Sage Petahtegoose. While Petahtegoose teaches techniques, she will share her stories and share samples of her work, revealing many creative possibilities and inspirations. At the workshop’s end, participants will walk away a beautiful piece of jewelry or keychain to wear with pride.








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